Friends to the End

ReShanda Billingsley

There’s joy in her heart, and it’s for real — Jasmine’s in love! She never thought she’d be boy-crazy like her girlfriends Camille, Alexis, and Angel, but now Jasmine and football star C. J. Taylor are inseparable — they’ve even been voted the school’s cutest couple. And with love in the air, everything seems to be going right: Jasmine’s mom has allowed her and C. J. to go out on dates, and even her relationship with her brother Jaquan has improved. Maybe love is contagious! But Jasmine’s happiness is shattered when a neighborhood gang begins harassing Jaquan — and trouble quickly escalates to tragedy. With C. J. and his family caught in the crossfire of lies and violence, Jasmine will have to hold on tighter than ever to her faith, to the friends who have never let her down, and to the belief that love truly does conquer all.

Paper 11.00