Wild Seed

Octavia Butler
Everyone obeys Doro. He has the power to live on in the body of whoever-is-nearby when he “dies.” That’s how he got to be 1500 years old. Anyanwu (Sun Woman) was just a few centuries old when Doro found her after stalking her, sensing her powers from across the sea. She had the ability to shape shift. She could morph into being a man or a panther, dolphin or an eagle. She really wasn’t to be messed with in her panther form. As panther, if she smelled blood, the force to devourer was too strong for her to stop herself from making a meal out of somebody.
He had to add her talents to the community of powerful beings he had been gathering for his purpose of saving the world. Once he gathers them, he cross-bred the wild seeds for even more powerful effects. Anyanwu obeys, as do the others, and is repelled by the insensitivity and cruelty he sometimes used to accomplish his goal. She even dares to run away from this forever-man, but he is the master stalker and finds the compound where she is mistress of healing.

Here are some questions that Octavia Butler strings through all of this incredible story: Does Anyanwu obey Doro out of fear or does subordination have its own sting?  Which is more powerful: male or female, white or black, push or pull, creation or destruction?

Multiple Hugo and Nebula Award winner Octavia E. Butler keeps you doing the math as different facets of being interact with humane and sometimes monstrous effects. She doesn’t reveal the victor till the very end of Wild Seed, an intensely engrossing, brilliant and far-and-deep reaching mystery by the Queen of Sci-Fi.

Paper 24.95