Peace from Broken Pieces: How to Get Through What You’re Going Through

Iyanla Vanzant

From Peace from Broken Pieces:

“Even though the pieces are broken, God can make something out of nothing. And sometimes we’ve got to have those pieces broken up and broken open so we can see a new way. Out of the brokeness we will grow and birth a new a vision because out of the hard times you have a new perspective of your self. When you get through a real bad situation you be looking at yourself and say yeah!”

“You can have peace from broken pieces, but it means that you have to turn from your limited humanness to the divinity of God that is around you all the time, calling you higher, asking you to stand above the broken pieces, to stand in the wholeness of the God that is within you. It is your choice. You get to choose to be broke down or stand courageously saying I will not fear no matter how the wind is breaking. You can choose to be whole and holy. To grab on to a piece of debris and say I’m going to pluck my way into something bigger and something better.”

“It doesn’t matter that the storm is raging all around me out in the ocean that my Father made. This is my home, my habitation. You can make it from broken pieces, or a broken marriage, or broken salaries, broken relationships. In God’s infinite wisdom and activity, He can change your brain cells, can change your your focus, can change your eyes so that it looks different. It feels different. It is different.”

“When I think about what God has brought me through . . . I have faced some dark days, some confusing times. When I think about the days I whined and complained! When I think about the blessings I never said thank You for! When I think about God’s mercy and grace! . . . When I need God to show up as a strong shoulder to lean on, God shows up that way. I’m so grateful that there is something bigger than me. There’s nothing that can break you down like a good praise, when you realize that you are just one drop in that vast ocean out there.”

“Every day the sun rises in me. It’s called the breath. Its called another opportunity. It’s called another choice. I call on God like I call on a friend. Isn’t God the best friend to have?” –Iyanla Vanzant

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