Stolen Legacy: The Greeks Were Not the Authors of Greek Philosophy, but Were the People of North Africa, Commonly Called the Egyptians

George G. M. James with Introduction by Asa Hilliard, III, Ph.D.

The Black people of Kemet (Egypt) taught the sciences to the Greeks. Civilization went from North Africa to Greece, not the other way around. In 1954, Philosophical Library published George G. M. James’ Stolen Legacy: The Greeks Were not the authors of Greek Philosophy, but were the People of North Africa, Commonly Called the Egyptians. It went out of print the same year. With all the thousands of volumes published on Greek civilization, here comes a book that proves the African origin of the sciences and philosophies that had, for centuries, been attributed to Greece. Also, the same year, Professor James left his job and friends where he was teaching at State College at Pine Bluff, Arkansas and was found dead in Nashville Tennessee.

In 1974, Julian Richardson (co-founder of Marcus Bookstores) and Dr. Asa Hilliard, III. Asa was a world-wide (respected master educator, psychologist, Egyptologist, historian. then Dean of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University) were marveling over a copy of Stolen Legacy that had been copied-over at least four times. Rich and Asa acquired the rights to republish Stolen Legacy from Philosophical Library and the estate of Professor James. Stolen Legacy soon became one of the top three Black history books in the U. S. (the others being The Destruction of Black Civilization by Chancelor Williams and The African Origin of Civilization by Cheikh Anta Diop).

The Julian Richardson publication is the only one that includes an Introduction by the late, great, Dr. Hilliard. His introduction brilliantly raises questions such as: Who taught the Greek scholars? Where did the Greek scholars go to school? How old was the material the “scholars” studied at the time that Socrates, Plato, Pythagorus and Aristotle got it? How was the information received in Greece when they returned from their schooling? Were the “scholars” welcomed with open arms, or were they persecuted for heresy?

In America, we not informed that mathematics, astronomy, architecture, medicine, music, anatomy, government, religion, agriculture and other basic sciences were fully developed in Africa five thousand years before even the word Greece.

Professor George G. M. James answers these questions thoroughly. James, Rich and Asa have left you a rich legacy. You have to be free enough to claim it though.

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