Things Fall Apart

Chinua Achebe

This is a masterpiece of world literature. Things Fall Apart is the story of “The Man” of a patriarchal Nigerian group of villages and the time of the invasions of British colonists. In the time of this village setting, strength had become synonymous with insensitivity. The strongest man was Okonkwo who despised his lazy father and had proven himself as a wrestling champion, hard-worker, and wealthy  embodiment of “masculine” tradition. He was held in high esteem by the elders who bestowed upon him glory and the responsibility of carrying out manly tradition. But there was a tradition that demanded that Okonkwo kill the boy who had been in his care for three years. Though the oldest villager warned him against it, Okonkwo struck the fatal blow while the child begged him for protection.

Things start to fall apart. He accidentally kills someone else and is exiled while white men peaceably introduce their religion to the village and the new religion becomes a new government. When Okonkwo returns, he finds that the tribal leaders have been replaced by a Christian church. They burn the church and are taken prisoner by the government which further humiliates them by holding them for ransom. The leaders plan an uprising and Okonkwo kills a white government messenger who was sent to stop the meeting. Okonkwo realizes that the people of the village are not going to protect it, that all is lost. When the whites come to take him to court, he has hanged himself.

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