Un-bared Love

Unbarred Love

In a society that is too young to appreciate depth, blackness itself is the most maligned word in the English language. Even though black is the color of creation, spirit, higher consciousness, humor, peace and eternity, it is portrayed negatively as evil, anger, low consciousness, the devil, the bad guys, the wicked withches, trouble, criminality, substandard, hateful, and uncivilized. Though the continent of Africa birthed civility, mathematics, religion, medicine, astronomy, government, agriculture, chemistry and architecture, African Americans are portrayed as any thing but civil in the media. Sometimes, in believing the stereotypes, we think they must be talking about some other Black people. We must be special because we’re different than the portrayed lie. Often, we believe the lie. Often, we act out the lie till it becomes true. In not knowing anything else, we grow low.

The first law of the universe is: what you see is what you get or energy follows thought. When we change our focus toward something positive, we change our reality. Our history is our vertibrae. The more truth we learn about ourselves, the more backbone we have. The truth about the gifts that Black people brought to the world is even more amazing then our present self-destruction. When we read about our real history, then we can stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone, anywhere, and hold our head up without fronting. We make peace with the self and the cell becomes a haven for our spirit. That’s where Marcus Books comes in.

Marcus Books is a true mirror of our existence and is uniquely qualified to know which books explain, heal, and fortify our folks. That has been our focus for over fifty years. There are many great books that Marcus Books can send to prisoners that mirror their beauty, strengthen their awareness and put their dreams back in their pockets. (Some books give a smack-down, some throw some facts down, but all lay some track down for the soul train to truth.)

(Some books give a hug.) We know which books can fulfill some of the needs of the children of incarcerated parent, as well: books that help their children understand their own strength, beauty and gifts. Marcus Books knows which books support their growth in a positive manner during this difficult time when their parents cannot hold them or guide them as they would like to.

We know which books teach to reach for higher powers where we find that the purpose of a challenge is just to make us stronger; where hurdles are meant for us to get over; where blocks in our path become stepping stones (once we halt and find the lesson); and where the weight of a burden is meant for lifting and learning leverage. We know which books bring peace. For recommendations of titles that heal, empower or just make them smile, call Marcus Books in Oakland 510 652 2344, San Francisco 415 346 4222, or email us at marcusbooks@hotmail.com.

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